Software Development

Do you need IoT embedded, mobile or server software development done?

RIoT International is capable of taking your software concepts and identifying the appropriate platforms, underlying technologies and development methodologies to ensure it is delivered on-time, within budget and has a maintainable future to allow to expand as requirements change.

We offer software development expertise in the following areas:

Programming Languages

RIoT International can support any programming language that is requested.

Our team consists of hard-core programmers who are happy to work at any level of the software stack; ranging from poking bits directly to the hardware all the way through to interpretive scripting languages. We can identify the appropriate language for your needs and ensure that the most CPU and memory efficient solution is built to satisfy your requirements.

C/C++ is our favourite language as it is the most portable at a native level.

Mobile Development

RIoT International supports the following mobile platforms:

  • iOS
  • android
  • Windows Phone
  • Blackberry 10
  • embedded Linux
  • HTML5

Our team has been developing mobile applications for over fifteen years and has a great vision of future technological advances - with extensive experience across all major platforms (past and present) we can identify common idioms to minimise silo style development when working with multiple platforms.

Firmware Development

RIoT International can build custom firmware for your hardware projects.

Targeting micro-controllers can be a daunting task; especially due to limited processing and memory resources. Our team is capable of writing very efficient firmware code that matches the requirements set out and we guarantee the best possible solution using minimal resources to get the task done.

We have worked with many micro-controller variants and CPU architectures.

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